Early childhood education should be developmentally appropriate and include opportunities for exploration and discovery. Our students will be part of a nurturing environment that will include a balance of individual, small group and large group activities. Our curriculum uses themes to integrate the various areas of language and literacy, math, science, social studies, art and music. Our hands-on learning will foster social/emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Our highly qualified staff understand that students develop at different rates and therefore will nurture and grow the skills that your child will need for their future academic journey. We also believe that children need to know the concept of a God who is loving, kind, patient and wise. While we gladly accept students of all faiths and heritages, it is important that children see and replicate Christian values such as loving one another, showing kindness without judgment, also accepting and understanding of differences in one another, to be peacemakers and to be compassionate. To this end, Peoria Presbyterian Preschool students will participate weekly in a 15 minute “chapel” experience which may include a Bible story and/or a religious song. At the same time, we embrace diversity and we encourage families to share their traditions and special celebrations with our class. Programs and activities include:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Art & Music
  • 15 Minutes of Chapel a week


We know that not everyone has the same schedule. When you sign your child up for preschool, you make the decision on the hours and number of days your child will be attending (3 or 5 day schedule and full or half day). At that time, we give you a price and a weekly or monthly payment schedule for your child’s preschool needs.

Anytime over 6 hours is considered a full day. This is a tuition rate and applies even for holiday’s and your child’s absents.

Children must be 2-5 years old and completely potty trained (no pull ups).

Proof of immunizations or exempt required.